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Note: Everything written in this color means that the CD/DVD is on its way. (last updated: 12-16-07)

This is a work in progress seeing I have so many cds that I never bothered to properly label.
Stevie Nicks 
KOME - San Jose - 1976
Approx 12 minutes. Stevie discusses the upcoming release of Rumours. She talks about Silver Springs, apparently she doesn't know its not going to be on the album yet. She explains why her hair is green, yellow, and blonde. Also how Mick consulted a numerologist about Rumours plus more.
BBC Rock Hour 1981
Stevie talks about her and Lindsey joining FM and her feelings about it, Christine being jealous, about performing while being sick, why she went solo and her back log of material, scheming Tom Petty, about Eagles and the Highwayman, about the link with FM and Outside the Rain, about Heart and other women musicians  and she reads her journal entry after her performance with Tom Petty.
Rockline 1981
Stevie takes some interesting calls from fans around the country. She talks about the color of her outfits matching her mood, Sara, Tom Petty, lots about FM, about how Lindsey's adorable, story behind Kind of Woman...
Music and Conversation WHFM 99 1981
Great interview. Stevie talks about how much she loves her fans, Rhiannon, Three Birds of Rhiannon, about being a "lady", and many of the aspects that went into Bella Donna.
Robert Kline Interview 7-19-81
Discusses being in FM as a job, her creative involvement with Tom Petty, Bella Donna was a warning song, writing a book and children stories, Mick's skinny legs, being a rock and roll star, making up her own words. Also has interview with Art Garfunkel and Stevie talks about live performance versus studio & makes other conversation with him.
Source Event with Denny Somack 8-30-81 (2CD)
Stevie talks about how much alike her grandfather and her as far as song writing, how John was the one who wanted Crystal on the first album. Excellent Interview! Songs are uncut. Don't Let Me Down Again, Frozen Love, Landslide, Rhiannon, Crystal, Gold Dust Woman, The Chain, Silver Springs, Magnet And Steel (w/Walter Egan), Whenever I Call You Friend (w/Kenny Loggins), Gold (w/John Stewart), Sara, Insider (w/Tom Petty), Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (w/Tom Petty), Leather And Lace.
Innerview with Jim Ladd 1981
Stevie and Jim talk about Christine, Don Henley, Stevie being a party animal, Tom Petty, relationships, The Highwayman, Stevie having a pimple, etc, etc.
Innerview with Jim Ladd 1982
Considers herself not witchy, but rather between Ginger Rogers and a haunting stage presence, explains Edge of 17/symbols. Songs include: Long distance Winner, Rhiannon, Dreams, Sara, Edge of 17, Leather & Lace, After the Glitter Fades, Gypsy.
Innerview with Jim Ladd 1983
Stevie, Lori, and Sandy Stewart talk with Jim about Robin, FM, TPatH, touring, Wild Heart, Jimmy Iovine, and too much other stuff. The sound quality of the interview isn't superb and Sandy Stewart sort of sounds like a man because of the distortion, but other than that, it's a great interview.
Off the Record with Mary Turner 1986
Compares recent recording sessions to college "encounter group", if left up to Stevie recording an album would be fun, never goes into the studio in jeans & tennies, always dresses up & insists that the girls do too. She will always dresses up for the men in her life, doesn't become an old shoe. Talks about writing w/Les Dudek, what makes her calm, what RAL really means, who Lily & Julia are. Dances through her life. Songs: After the Glitter Fades, I Sing For the Things, Talk To Me, Enchanted, Edge of Seventeen, SDMHA, Sister Honey, Rock a Little, Stand Back, Leather & Lace and Gypsy.
Rockline & Listening Party 7-31-89: The Other Side Of The Mirror (2CD)
With Bob Colburn & music from The Other Side of the Mirror. Stevie discusses working with Rupert Hine, her upcoming tour and plans after, choosing songs for the new album, dedicating her album, duet with Bruce Hornsby, Buckingham Nicks album & concerts, choosing performers for her solo albums, which albums tell her autobiography best, her writing, her attire, hand tinting photographs, paintings, story behind the songs Ghosts, Two Kinds of Love, Goldfish and the Ladybug and Crying in the Night. Features six songs.
1989 Interview
Very long interview with Stevie. She is very talkative, there's a lot of info on here. It includes: Alice (Live) / Story Of Long Way To Go / Long Way To Go (Sounds Longer) / Juliet (Instrumental) / Whole Lotta Trouble (Live) / Story Of Fire Burning / Rooms On Fire (Live)
One to One 1989 (1CD)
Total run time for the interview is 27:18. Stevie discusses her clothes, how she didn't want Rhiannon released as a single, how she doesn't "have a computer, a word processor, a thesaurus, a dictionary" and that she doesn't "want to be trained", how Christine is her "dearest stronghold, her sanctuary", how no one could ever say to her "you cannot write no more songs", how she will "absolutely tell you the truth" because she is her own person, how there will probably never be anyone else who is "quite as nuts as me", what Rooms on Fire is about and what it would take for her to get married and have children. The songs I Can't Wait and Rooms on Fire are included in the interview.
Off the Record with Mary Turner 1992
Talks about her drawing, the Rhiannon drawing, how if FM asked her to come back in the right way she would, says God has kept them alive, she knows the rules for songwriting but chooses not to use them for her songs, talks about touring in Australia w/Tom Petty and Bob Dylan and watching the egos (Tom had to share a mic w/Bob, how she always calls Mike Campbell for music tracks, found it refreshing to write the vignettes on Timespace.
3-6-92 Music & Interview, Washington, DC
With Jill Savage: Stevie discusses an eye infection that she is battling, work on her next album, Special Olympics Involvement, Silent Night, Rhiannon T-shirt, painting, story of Rhiannon & movie, Silver Springs, late night recording with candles, being misunderstood, plans for a live album, Herbert Worthington's book, working with Rick Vito, Fleetwood Mac, and her book.
John Boy & Billy Show May '94
If you know John Boy and Billy, you know what kind of interview this will be. Stevie is calling in to different stations and before they link to her, John Boy and Billy listen in to her other interviews and generally poke fun. When Stevie finally gets on with them, they talk about Street Angel, Lindsey (kinda funny), Fleetwood Mac, touring, and take some call in questions. Then they hang up on her. Crazy. (Also includes the Lindsey Buckingham The John Boy & Billy Show 1992)
Tommy Vance 1994
70 minutes. Stevie talks about Bob Dylan, writing with Mike Campbell, differences between TOSOTM and Street Angel, and MUCH more.
If You Ever Did Believe: The Portrait of An American Poet, 1998
Includes many interviews and clips from the following: If You Ever Did Believe, Rhiannon, Gypsy, Sara (Extended mix), Blue Lamp, Dreams, Angel, Crying In The Night, Real Tears, One More Big Time Rock and Roll Star, After the Glitter Fades, Fireflies (extended remix), Silver Springs (Original studio version), Garbo, Twisted, Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You, Silent Night.
WMGK 102.9 w/Debbie Caulton 1998
Stevie is asked what would have happened if she & Lindsey had taken a different road, the reason why they joined FM, how the concept for the box set came about, the pictures, lost weight so now she can wear her original shawls, working on her new album, Lindsey has agreed to re-release the Buckingham Nicks album, Songs: Edge of 17, Leather & Lace, Stand Back, Stop Draggin My Heart Around, Rhiannon (live).
Rockline Interview - 10-31-01 
(Rebroadcast of a September 1991 Interview)
This is a very interesting interview. Stevie is surprisingly clear-headed and talkative. She answers call-in questions about: Tom Petty, the ups & downs of the music biz, the title of Timespace, expanding her career, personal satisfaction, Goldfish & Ladybug, the reasons she left FM in 1991 (juicy!), loneliness, Prince playing on Stand Back, why she didn't record a Yes song, her relationship w/ Lindsey in 1991, her artwork, the earthquake in San Francisco in 1989, the Desert Angel soldier (she gets very emotional here), and why a greatest hits album. The songs played are: Edge of Seventeen, Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, Planets of the Universe, Dreams, Leather and Lace, Stand Back, Rhiannon (Dance Version), Sara. A great interview.
TISL Promo (4CD)
disc 1:
-KMDX 102.9 part 1/part 2/Part 3/ part 4 (Waddy is there and she sings "Landslide"
-MERGE 93.3 (sings "Landslide")
-KBCO (sings "Landslide")
disc 2:
-E Universe
-David Letterman
-Rosie O'Donnell (part 1 and 2)
-STAR 102.5
disc 3:
-Mix 96.9
-Today Show (part 1 and 2)
disc 4:
-Cities 97 (part 1 and 2)
-CNN World Beat
-MTV Making Of Bootylicious
-Yahoo Music
-MSN Music
-ET Destiny's Child
Fleetwood Mac
Off the Record 1987 (1CD)
Mick talks about why "Tango" is better than "Mirage." Lindsey talks about why he thinks Tango is the best album they have ever done. Stevie talks about how she is an "airy faery." Chris talks about how she is thankful when people ask for autographs. Mick talks about how if they didn't do Tusk, the band might have broken up. Lindsey talks about the pressure mounting for touring (he's a bit aprehensive!) plus more.
Rockline & Listening Party 'Tango in the Night' 1987 (1CD)
Fleetwood Mac taking calls from fans and debuting the Tango in the Night album. The band is very giggly and Chris continually cracks jokes and Stevie sings old songs out of tune. They receive some strange questions from people around the country as well.
Rock Stars with Timothy White October 31, 1987
Interviews with Lindsey, Christine, Mick, John and Stevie. Interview just after Lindsey left the band and Rick and Billy joined. Lindsey talks about how he is entering the most creative period of his life. Christine talks about her family, her mother was a psychic and faith healer, and tells some stories about her mother healing some people. Mick talks about how he first got into drums. John talks about his alcoholism. Stevie talks about "Seven Wonders" and how she changed some of the lyrics to the song without knowing it, her stay at Betty Ford, plus more. Includes the first original demo version of "Everywhere" and Stevie and Billy's "Are You Mine."
Rockline & Listening Party for FM Greatest Hits
Fleetwood Mac takes telephone calls from fans all over the country. Of course, Stevie receives most of the questions. Stevie is in rare form. Lots of laughs.
Rockstars Interview February, 1989 (2CD)
Mick talks about Lindsey leaving the band. Stevie sings the first song she had ever written. Christine talks about the first time Lindsey and Stevie rehearsed with Fleetwood Mac. Stevie talks about the Greatest Hits album. Stevie talks about the song Gypsy she also talks about the song Dreams and what Lindsey thought the song was about and what she says the song is about. Christine talks about ego's and about the video Hold Me. Mick and Stevie talk about the addition of Rick and Billy. This interview has many of their hit songs on it.
Fleetwood Mac Up Close & Personal 1997 (3CD)
This is exactly what it says..UP CLOSE. This goes through the whole history of the band, and has all kinds of songs, and has interviews with Stevie, Chris, Lindsey, Mick, and John. This is a very big, intense interview.
Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks Off The Record 2002
This is an interview with Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks that aired the week of February 23rd/24th, 2002. Mick speaks of Peter Green, how John and Christine McVie became members of the band, finding Lindsey and Stevie and how Stevie still says "You never really wanted ME as a member", how 'Tusk' came about, Stevie speaks of what it was really like making Rumours, how hard it was seeing Lindsey with other girlfriends, how she would never bring another man around Lindsey, the fact that Lindsey never stopped loving her and it shows in his songs as she sings a portion of 'Never Going Back Again', speaks of Rhiannon, Trouble In Shangri-La, her Grammy nomination, etc.
Off The Record 6-29-2003
Legendary LA DJ Joe Benson interviews Stevie, Lindsey and Mick about their new album "Say You Will."
Say You Will Compilation #1
1. Stevie 98.7 L.A. 3/5/03
2. Lindsey WXRT Chicago 3/11/03
3. Lindsey KCRW Santa Monica 4/14/03
4. Lindsey KSGR Houston 4/17/03
5. Stevie KSLX Phoenix 7/18/03
6. Lindsey Mix 102
7. Stevie Z93 Atlanta 9/2-5/03
Say You Will Compilation #2
1. Star 987 with Stevie
2. Mark and Brian show 2003
3. Lindsey Chicago WXRT
Say You Will World Premiere
Interviews with Lindsey, Stevie and Mick talking about Say You Will, Christine's departure etc. Also each member answers three questions that are very interesting. Contains gaps between tracks and cuts off some talking at the end of each track. Still good though.
Lindsey Buckingham
Virgin Radio Interview 12-07-03
Lindsey Buckingham interviewed on the Virgin radio show 'Captain America' whilst touring in the UK. Lindsey talks about the Tusk album and Say You Will documentary as well as other topics. This recording includes the played songs of Tusk, Peacekeeper, Smile At You and Steal Your Heart Away.

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