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Note: Everything written in this color means that the CD/DVD is on its way. (last updated: 11-05-07)

Stevie Nicks
Misc. Compilation #1 (1DVD)

Rolling Stone photo shoot (1:57:22) – Behind the Scenes Japan 1977 (21:42) – Tommy Hilfiger interview 1994 -  TimeSpace interview – David Letterman Street Angel 1994 – Jay Leno Street Angel 1994 – David Letterman Enchanted 1998


Misc. Compilation #2 (1DVD)

VH1 Fanclub: Stevie Nicks (43:58) – VH1 Ladies First: Sheryl Crow ft. Stevie Nicks (21:10) – Jay Leno Sheryl Crow ft. Stevie Nicks (C’Mon, C’Mon) – Divas Las Vegas – Frere Jacques Cartoon (Stevie Nicks voice The Owl) 


Fleetwood Mac


Rumours Outtakes (2DVD)

Backstage footage from the Japan part of the tour in 1977.


Fleetwood Mac Tusk Photoshoot #1 (1DVD)

Outdoor shoot (about 45 minutes)


Fleetwood Mac Tusk Photoshoot #2 (1DVD)

Indoors shoot (about an hour and a half).


Fleetwood Mac Rock Steady UK + Superbowl 1993 (1DVD)

Rock Steady (BTM Rehearsals): Save Me - In The Back Of My Mind - Landslide - Stand On The Rock - Go Your Own Way - (I Loved) Another Woman

Superbowl 31-1-1993 (Christine, Rick, Mick, John and Billy): Say You Love Me


Fleetwood Mac VH1 Compilation (1DVD)

Includes the Behind the Music special and the 2003 All Access special.


Fleetwood Mac Misc. Collection #1 (1DVD)

Tusk 20/20 segment – Pie Fight (Richard Dashut’s Birthday) – Sara (tusk doc) – Not That Funny (tusk doc) – Tusk (video) – Hold Me (video) – Don’t Stop (video) – Dreams (video) – Making of Big Love – Big Love (video) – Little Lies (video) – TITN Interview Mick and Stevie – Sky is the Limit (video) – Save Me (video)


Fleetwood Mac Misc. Collection #2 (1DVD)

Gypsy Video – Making of Gypsy + interview Stevie (42:23) – Making of Big Love (11:20) – Videos: Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around – Stand Back – Leather and Lace – If Anyone Falls In Love – Talk To Me – I Can’t Wait – Fleetwood Mac Making of a Tour (Tango in the Night) including Tango interviews (37:30)


Fleetwood Mac Misc. Collection #3 (1DVD)

Mick Fleetwood's wedding  (55:00) - Fleetwood Mac Rock Family Trees (less quality than the version on the BBC dvd)


Fleetwood Mac Misc. Collection #4 (1DVD)

-Graphics of the Band with lyrics Behind the Mask: Love is Dangerous/In the Back of My mind/Do you Know?/Save Me/Affairs Of the Heart/Freedom/The Second Time

-David Letterman Buckingham Countdown Live/Interview

-Lindsey Buckingham "In Concert" ABC TV Countdown/Interview/Never Going back Again/Street of Dreams/Interview/Clips of Wrong and Countdown. SoulDrifter

-Jay Leno with Lindsey Buckingham/Don’t Look Down Live

-Presidential Inauguration Clip

-ET Clip Lindsey and Today Show During Reunion for Pres Election

-Press Conference – Stevie

-Paper Doll Video

-ET 25 years Box Set of FM Interview and Release

-Mick and Lindsey Interview during Reunion for Pres Election

-Sometimes It’s a Bitch video

-Whole Lotta Trouble Video

- The Dance Pittsburgh local Station Promo

-Vh1 Classic Albums "Rumours"


Fleetwood Mac Misc. Compilation #5 (1DVD)

-Mirage Segment; Interviews, Rehearsals, FM Softball Team

-Stevie and Chris presenting at MTV Video Awards 1987

-Don Kirchner Segment with Fleetwood Mac 70’s

-JAPANESE clips: (Jap Subtitles on screen) As Long as you Follow - Mick Int/Chris/Stevie/Rick/Billy/John. - Showbiz Today Japan

-CNN Interview SN Other Side of the Mirror

-CNN Japan

-Tusk Video

-Angel Video

-Stevie Nicks Very Special Christmas Interview and Silent Night Live

-SN Special Olympics Interview Segment and Intverview about Christmas

- ET Tonight Tango Interview Mac Lineup

-MTV interview

- Stevie Nicks "Im not a Witch"

-"The Trials and Triumphs of Fleetwood Mac" (short documentary)

-Mirage Era Segment Mick Interview

-Holiday Road Video

-Clinton Inauguarion

-MTV Clip Mirage Interview Stevie Nicks

-Old Rare Interview of Stevie Nicks

-Mac Interview with Lindsey and Mick

-Entertainment Tonight Interview

-Stevie Dedication to the US Troops "Has Anyone Ever written Anything For You"

-ET Interview Greatest Hits FM era

-Chris and Mick Interview (Lindsey's departure)

-Rick Vito/Stevie Nicks Interview

-Rhiannon (midnight special)

-Stevie Nicks Tango Europe Interview

-Mtv StevieNicks Hairstylist Contest and winner

-Marc Good man MTV Rock a little Interview

-Misc Mt Interview.

-ABC In Concert; Lindsey Profiled/Cradle Interview


Fleetwood Mac Misc. Compilation #6 (1DVD)

-Stevie Nicks Solid Gold Nightbird

-Sandy Stewart MTV interview + Saddest Victory Video

-Stevie Nicks Stand Back Solid Gold

-Mark Goodman MTV interview

-Saturday Night Live Stand Back/Nightbird

-Christine McVie MTV interview

-Christine McVie Solid Gold Gotta Hold On Me

-Mark Goodman MTV interview

-Christine McVie Solid Gold Love Will Show Us How

-Go Insane Video

-Christine McVie Solid Gold So Excited

-Lindsey interview

-Lindsey Buckingham "Goes Insane" MTV special

-Slow Dancing Video

-RAL interview Stevie Nicks

-Purple Rain Premiere Party with Lindsey and Stevie in attendance

-Stevie Nicks interview about Prince

-Many MTV short clips with Lindsey, Stevie and Christine not listed here.


Say You Will Compilation (1DVD)

-NBC Dateline Segment "Say you will Again" 11mins

-CNN Interview Mick and Lindsey

-Today Show Live: Go your own Way, Peacekeeper, Rhiannon, Say you Will Partial +int

-Leno: Peacekeeper/Say You Will Live

-E! Interview SYW

-VH1 All Access Documentary on Album and Tour

-Charlie Rose: Lindsey Buckingham Interview

-Rooms on Fire Video

-Radio Music Awards: Stevie Introducing Tom Petty

-American Music Awards: "Best Group Award" + Peacekeeper Live in Germany

-Trio: Parking Lot FM segment

-FM exclusive filmed in Cleveland Ohio @ Ritz Carlton


Lindsey Buckingham


Ultimate Video Collection (1DVD)

Peacekeeper video, Holiday Road video, Here Comes The Sun live, Go Insane Video, Soul Drifter video, Trouble video, Slow Dancing video, It Was I video, Countdown video, Wrong video, Bwana (SNL), Trouble (SNL), A&E Interview, Peacekeeper (Jay Leno), Say You Will (Jay Leno), I'm So Afraid (The Dance), Big Love (The Dance), Go Insane (The Dance), Landslide (David Letterman), Big Love (David Letterman), Go Your Own Way (Rumours 1977), Interview, World Turning (Midnight Special), Dreams video, Big Love video, Tusk video, Hold Me video, Seven Wonders video, Little Lies video, Gypsy video, Today Show performances (GYOW, Peacekeeper, SYW) and interviews, picture slideshow with Red Rover music in background.


Lindsey Buckingham: ABC In Concert & VH1to1 (1992) (1DVD)

ABC In Concert hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker: Intro – Countdown – Interview – Never Going Back Again – Street of Dreams – Interview – This Nearly Was Mine/Street of Dreams – Interview Souldrifter

VH1to1: Interview mixed with performances at home studio.

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