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Note: Everything written in this color means that the CD/DVD is on its way. (last updated: 11-05-07)

Stevie Nicks

UK Interviews 1989-1990 (1DVD)

1989-One To One Interview w/Stevie Nicks recorded for UK TV -1989-BBC Interview -1990-Stevie Nicks Music Box Profile.


Australia My Top 11 compilation (2DVD)

My Top 11 Interview (Stevie talks about her favorite videos, among other things) – Landslide performance on the Allan Border Medal show – TV Commercial for the Stevie Nicks/John Farnham joint shows


Interviews & Profiles 1979-1991 (1DVD)

PM Magazine ‘79 (6.38) – Bella Donna Interview (5.08) – HBO Promo ’80 (0.59) – MTV Promo Wild Heart (1.20) – MTV Wild Heart Interview (11.03) – MTV Wild Heart Interview #2 (3.47) – Molly Meldrum ’86 (42.46) – The New Music ’88 (8.52) – MTV Interview Tango (1.29) – BTM Tour Review Oz (0.47) – Entertainment Tonight ’90 (2.11) – BTM Profile Oz (5.42) – Paper Doll Video (3.55) – Music Box Profile Stevie Nicks ’89 (6.01)


Trouble in Shangri-La Promo Compilation 2001 (1DVD)

A Very Special Christmas (Silent Night) – VH1 The Making of Every Day – The Late Show with David Letterman – Rosie O’Donnell Show


Crystal Visions Promo Compilation (1DVD)

Crystal Visions Trailer - Super Bowl XLI (02/04/07): Stand Back - The Today Show (03/30/07): Landslide & Rhiannon - Ellen DeGeneres Show (04/24/07): Stand Back & Landslide - CBS This Sunday Morning (03/25/07) - Entertainment Tonight: Stage 28 (03/27/07) - Access (March 2007) - CBS News: Eye To Eye (03/30/07) - NBC The Today Show: 3 Questions (03/30/07) - Extra (03/31/07) - Access (March 2007) - Extra (04/05/07) - Entertainment Weekend (04/08/07)


Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mac 'Going Home' Disney Special (1DVD)

Truly the best special on the band that is out there, with a lot of backstage material and never before seen footage (coming from Mick's basement tapes)


Fleetwood Mac VH1 Compilation (1DVD)

Includes the Behind the Music special and the 2003 All Access special.


Fleetwood Mac Documentaries (BBC) (1DVD)

Fleetwood Mac at 21(1988): Documentary on the 21 year career of the rock group Fleetwood Mac, broadcast after the release of “Tango in the night”. Includes interviews with the current line-up, plus past members, such as Peter Green, Rick Vito, and Bob Welch. Narrated by Trevor Dann. Running time is 50 minutes.

Fleetwood Mac Rock Family Trees (1995): The narratives and interviews are interlinked with footage of the band, with camera pans across press cuttings, photographs, memorabilia and the family tree of the band in question, along with audio clips of various songs from the bands back-catalogue.


Fleetwood Mac Japan 1990 & Bob Welch and Friends Live at the Roxy 11-18-1981

Japan: Interviews + incomplete promo videos + mimed performances of Save Me, Freedom, In the Back of my Mind and Stand on the Rock.

Bob Welch: Precious Love - Hot Love, Cold World - That's What We Said - Big Towne 2061/Black Book - Hypnotized (feat. Christine, John & Mick) - Sentimental Lady (feat. Christine, John & Mick) - It's What Ya Don't Say - Bend Me, Shape Me – Outskirts - Gold Dust Woman (feat. Stevie, Christine & Mick) - Ebony Eyes (feat. Stevie) - Two To Do – Remember - Don't Give It Up (feat. Christine) - Remember Me (feat. Christine & Bob Weston) - Rattlesnake Shake (feat. Christine, Stevie, John & Mick) - 12 Bar Blues In A Flat (feat. "one million people")


Lindsey Buckingham


Lindsey Bucking Talk Show Appearances 1981-1992 (1DVD)

Merv Griffin (1981) – Spinning of the World (live, /w John Stewart) – David Letterman, Countdown (1992) – Jay Leno, Don’t Look Down (1992) – David Letterman, Souldrifter (1992) – David Letterman, Landslide /w Stevie (1998) – David Letterman, Big Love /w Stevie (1998)


Lindsey Buckingham VH1 Behind the Music (2001) (1DVD)

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